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Industry & engineering

Foam and other cellular materials cover a tremendous range of technical properties and offer versatile design possibilities. As a result, they are used in a variety of applications, including the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and other industrial sectors.


Our materials provide optimal solutions even for your special requirements.


Medical & rehab technology

On account of their special properties that ensure optimal flexibility or strength to suit the specific application, foam materials are often used as support and positioning aids. They are also used in medical technology and wound care.


We will help you to find the right foam material and assist in your product design—from the initial concept to the finished product.


Packaging & protection

Packaging and inserts made of foam combine optimal protection with clearly sorted and attractive presentation. Their shock resistance and various processing options make foam materials the ideal choice for the packaging of sensitive and high-value items.


For packaging, protecting, or sorting—we develop and manufacture customised solutions for your products.


Cleaning & care

Foam materials are excellent for thorough, gentle cleaning and care—both in the professional world, where standards for washing performance and durability are very high, and in the private realm, such as household cleaning or auto care.


The potential applications of our cleaning and care products are as varied as our customers’ design possibilities.