The matching case for case inserts

In case inserts with a matching case, a wide variety of products can be transported safely and presented effectively.

Case inserts can be made of PUR or PE foam. To provide products with the best possible protection, a matching case can be purchased in addition to a custom-made case insert. Thanks to our partner companies, Pahlke has a large selection of cases available for your project. You can choose from sturdy and elegant aluminium cases or coloured plastic cases, which are customizable with a wide range of design options.

The following examples should give you an idea of the products, materials, and processing options we can offer. We have the right solution for you—simply get in touch with us!

Plastic cases

Made from high-impact polypropylene, these cases are extremely robust.

Versatile plastic cases with matching case inserts bring order and organization to any application.

A simple pre-cut made of PUR foam, a dimpled or grid foam, or a custom-made insert with precisely shaped cut-outs made of PE foam can be used as the case insert.

Aluminium cases

These stylish cases comprising an aluminium frame with plastic corners are impact- and shock-resistant and have sturdy, lockable metal clasps as well as solid hinges.

With the right case insert, made of PUR flexible foam or solid PE foam depending on the application, these cases are ideal for use in the workplace or for transporting tools or sensitive equipment.

The cases are easy to clean, and their scratch-resistant plastic corners give the cases and their contents robust protection.