Theme sponges and gimmicks

As a result of the flexible processing options, foam materials are an excellent choice for theme sponges and gimmicks.

Theme sponges can be used as seasonal items for Easter or Christmas, for example, or accessories related to particular themes. They combine practical value with a positive image. Gimmicks made of foam are flexible, durable, and present a low risk of injury.

PUR flexible foam materials are the first choice for theme sponges and gimmicks. A wide range of different types and colours are available for various purposes. Processing is inexpensive and flexible, and they can be combined with other materials upon request. On account of their special properties, they are versatile, durable, and very well suited for children as well.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

“Flowers” made of PUR foam for spring campaign

Foam flowers for seasonal sales promotion..

Die-cut parts made of differently coloured flexible foam materials. Because of their open cellular structure, PUR foam materials exhibit a high water-absorption capacity.

Precision die-cut at low cost to meet customer requirements, inner sections pulled out for looks and replaced with different colours.

Thanks to the long-standing partnership with our local workshop for the disabled, even extensive manual activities can be performed reliably at low cost.

Duck-shaped bath sponges made of flexible foam

Various foam ducks as bathroom accessories.

Differently coloured PUR foam materials. PUR flexible foam materials are available in many different colours and consistencies, depending on the application.

Precisely die-cut at low cost in larger series; alternatively water jet-cut for smaller series or special requirements.

All bath sponge foam materials are tested and certified to the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 (product class 4).

Festive non-woven sponges made of PUR foam

Christmas themes as non-woven sponges for seasonal promotion.

Combination of flexible foam material and scouring non-woven. Depending on the application, scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness (scouring strength) are available. They are colour-coded—from white (light scouring) to blue, green, red (medium scouring) to black (heavy-duty scouring).

Foam material and non-woven laminated together with a waterproof bond, then cost-efficiently die-cut to precision.

We use only high-quality scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness.

Gimmicks made of differently coloured foam

Foam gimmicks for various purposes.

PUR flexible foam material in different colours. Thanks to their special properties, PUR foam materials are flexible, unsusceptible, and present a low risk of injury.

They can be die-cut, cut to size, or cut into shapes, as well as printed in one or more colours using various printing methods.

Digital, letterpress, or screen printing methods are suitable, depending on the application, quality standards, and cost requirements.