From single-unit production to large series

Flexibility and customer orientation are very important to us.

We manage our production quantities according to our customers’ needs, not shift quotas or set-up times. We fabricate samples and prototypes as well as single pieces, but can obviously produce in small or large series too.

During development, our camera-aided data collection ensures short design times and low expenditures. In terms of production, you can take advantage of our diversified and modern machinery, which provides a variety of different, efficient manufacturing processes for a wide range of requirements and lot sizes.

CNC-controlled manufacturing processes such as milling or water jet cutting allow the cost-efficient production of single pieces and small series, as they do not require moulds and avoid the associated costs.

For larger series, classical production processes such as cutting on precision cutting machines or die cutting on different automated presses fully demonstrate their benefits. Your wishes and requirements — in terms of quantity, quality, lead time, and price — are critical in selecting the appropriate manufacturing process.

Put us to the test! We will produce your batch size at low cost and with high precision.