Distribution and logistics from a single source

We provide distribution and logistics services for our customers upon request.

You can decide whether you want to pick up your goods yourself, have them sent to you by a parcel service or freight forwarder, or whether we should send them to your customers for you.

Regardless of whether you want neutral shipping or have special requirements on the packaging or shipping documents — we offer you a fast, secure, and cost-effective shipping process that you can rely on in cooperation with your or our service providers. It makes no difference whether it is a sample box for a German prospective buyer or an overseas container for a US customer.

If the material is supplied or delivered directly by third parties, we will be happy to take over the coordination with suppliers and freight forwarders and, upon consultation with you, take sole responsibility for executing the necessary material call-off orders. We also handle the intermediary transport for complex projects, which requires cooperation with other processors, reliably from a single source.

We are happy to meet your particular logistical requirements, handle deliveries using your logistics platforms, or deliver our products within a given time frame “just-in-time” — both in Germany and abroad.

Contact us: we deliver your products when, where, and how you need them!