Seat cushions

Thanks to its good absorption and insulation properties, PE foam is the perfect choice for seat cushions.

Seat cushions are primarily used for recreation and hobbies, such as hiking, hunting, or fishing. Ideally they should be lightweight and handy, but also robust and comfortable, providing reliable protection against the wet and cold.

PE foam materials are thus the optimal choice for seat cushions. Because of their closed cellular structure, they are distinguished by outstanding absorption and insulation, even at limited thickness. They are also tear-resistant, unsusceptible, and can be processed in a variety of ways.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

Seat cushions made of PE foam for events

Single-colour, smooth seat cushions for promotions and events.

Unsusceptible, physically cross-linked PE foam material with high-quality look and pleasant feel. PE demonstrates good absorption and insulation properties as well as low density.

Die-cut to exact contours at low cost, then screen-printed.

Alternatively, company logos or labelling can be laser-engraved.