Whether for practical and visual reasons, or for labelling and marketing purposes: all of our foam materials can be printed with one or more colours — on one or several sides. We offer no fewer than three different printing methods that are selected based on the application, quality requirements, and cost budget. All prints are distinguished by their high durability, even under severe physical stress.

Digital printing

For particularly high quality requirements, such as for items used for marketing or advertising purposes, our modern four-colour digital printing press is available. In addition to offering a broad palette of colours, it also produces a very precise and delicate printed image. For small items, in particular, it represents a cost-efficient printing method.

Screen printing

Depending on the material or substrate, we use a screen printing system with rotary table. This printing method is characterised by a high level of colour application and thus rich colours with good coverage. Even colourful patterns on dark backgrounds can be reproduced in full detail. The prints are also highly resistant to washing. The automated rotary table of our screen printing system guarantees fast, economical production even for larger series.

Letterpress printing

If costs are of primary importance, then our letterpress systems are a good choice. They allow to print a particularly rich and durable image — usually in a single colour, but also in two colours upon request. It is a very cost-efficient printing method for smaller and medium series, in particular, but also for large-format items.

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