Door protection strips

Door protection strips and garage bumper pads are intended to protect car doors against accidental damage.

Especially in tight parking spaces and garages, protection strips keep car doors from being accidentally damaged. Thanks to their versatile design options, they also lend themselves perfectly as unique promotional items, particularly in the automotive sector.

PE foam materials are flexible, robust, and unsusceptible because of their closed cellular structure. They also offer versatile processing options, are lightweight, and can therefore be easily and permanently installed using self-adhesive. This makes them ideally suited as door protection strips.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!


Customised door protection strips made of PE foam

CNC-milled door protection strips for sales promotions.

Laminated composite made of variously coloured PE foam materials. All foam materials are available in a broad selection of attractive colours. Special colours are available upon request.

Laminated for greater strength, water jet-cut, and milled to exact contours to meet customer requirements.

Alternatively, it is possible to customise door protection strips using various printing methods.

Garage bumper pads in various colours and shapes

Various bumper pads to protect car doors against damage in narrow garages.

PE is a closed-cell material with high impact  and compression strength as well as low density.

Self-adhesive on one side for easy application. Laminated in two colours in some cases . Die-cut to exact contours at low cost in larger series; alternatively water jet-cut for smaller series.

Door protection strips made of PE foam for car trade

Door protection strips with milled inner contour..

Two-colour composite made of robust, unsusceptible PE foam..

Laminated for greater strength, water jet-cut, and milled. Packaged ready for sale, with customer-specific cardboard Header.

In collaboration with our long-term business partners, we can manufacture a wide variety of packaging for retail and sales.