CNC milling

Both cross-linked and non-cross-linked PE foam materials can be milled to precise dimensions on our CNC-controlled portal system. In the packaging sector, in particular, this enables the high-quality and cost-efficient production of inserts—even in small series—by eliminating tooling and the associated costs.

You can simply provide us with your own CAD drawings or have us prepare the necessary drawings. Our in-house design department, in addition to our camera-aided data collection, ensures short design times and low expenditures.

CNC mills are typically used to process PE foam materials. These closed-cell foam materials exhibit a higher density than PUR flexible foam materials and therefore provide sufficient resistance to the milling tool to ensure good results. PUR foam materials, on the other hand, are generally too soft and flexible to be processed with this method. In collaboration with a well-known manufacturer of milling tools, however, we are currently working on being able to process selected PUR flexible foam materials on our CNC mill in the future.

Are you interested in CNC-milled items? Then don't hesitate to send us your enquiry!