From foam blocks to ready-made articles

Foam materials and products are our speciality.

As one of Germany’s leading processors of foam materials, we supply our customers with a diverse range of finished products, as well as raw and semi-finished goods in the form of blocks, rolls, or sheets upon request.

Regardless of whether you process foam materials yourself and merely want to make use of our purchasing advantages when procuring raw materials, or whether certain production processes are not available to you, or outsourcing is less expensive than in-house production — we meet your requirements quickly, cost-efficiently, and reliably.

As a foam manufacturer, our two splitting machines allow us to precisely and efficiently split PUR flexible foam as well as harder materials such as composite or PE foam. Our laminating equipment with infrared field makes it possible to combine materials that could otherwise not be permanently bonded, but also provides the option of applying skins or self-adhesives to sheets or final products.

A wide range of different production processes — from die cutting, cutting to size, or water jet cutting to shape cutting, contour and CNC milling — enables us to give every product the shape you want. Three different printing processes are available to apply your custom print in one or more colours to a variety of materials and products. Automated labelling and packaging systems facilitate the production of ready-to-use consumer items, with or without EAN labels, in various sales packages for retail and commercial sales.

Contact us: we will supply you with the product you need.

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