If items need to be labelled for retail, for example, it is possible to include a label or insert in addition to the actual printing. By applying a self-adhesive label, additional repackaging can be eliminated, whereas an insert requires repackaging — typically film packaging. Other forms of labelling are also possible.

Two different labelling machines from a medium-sized regional manufacturer allow us to process various formats of rolls and labels. In harmony with customer requirements, the labels can be printed with specific texts, logos, batch numbers, or EAN barcodes and applied automatically. The items can then be packaged in plastic film, individually or in different quantities, for instance to prevent the labels from being removed or replaced.

Instead of self-adhesive labels, inserts are also an option for labelling, as long as the items are subsequently packaged in plastic film. We use inserts provided by the customer and provide inventory and stock management upon request. Upon request, we even take care of creating and obtaining the required inserts, thus offering a complete solution from a single source — in close coordination with the customer, of course.

Other labelling options are also available, such as sleeves or cardboard headers combined with various types of sealed bags. Our broad network ensures that all requirements are met quickly and at a high quality level. Thanks to the long-standing partnership with our local workshop for the disabled, even extensive manual activities can be performed reliably at low cost.

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