Laser engraving

A wide range of materials can be marked and labelled with our engraving laser. Laser marking has much greater durability than a print, for example. It can be used to both customise products and consecutively label them, be it with a full-area logo or filigree laser engraving.

Both PE and PUR foams can be labelled with a CO2 laser or branded with a logo. The foam is heated and melted by a CO2 gas mixture, which darkens the foam or creates a bulge in the foam, thus making the respective engraving or full-area logo visible.

Unlike various printing methods, nothing is applied to the foam during laser engraving; instead the text or design is burnt into the foam. Laser marking therefore has much greater durability than a print. What’s more, the logo or labelling cannot be rubbed off.

Akin to our printing processes, we use print templates to create the respective laser files, which are then converted into machine data by our design department. This data can then be uploaded and the products laser marked with an engraving or logo.

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