We package your items in plastic film, one or more at a time, shrink-wrap as needed, add sleeves, pack them in carton or plastic film according to your final package size request, stack them on returnable or disposable pallets, and meet all of your other packaging and transport requirements.

Our automated packaging line from a leading German manufacturer enables us to package items in PET film individually or in larger quantities. The items can be loosely enclosed in film or shrink-wrapped, i.e. they are sent through a drying tunnel to shrink the film and wrap it tightly around them. This ensures, for example, that inserts cannot slip out of place. In addition, film packaging prevents labels from being removed or swapped out. Other packaging options, such as sleeves or sealed bags, are also available.

The packaged items can subsequently be arranged in larger film-packaged bundles, which can be equipped with separate labels or inserts. The individual items or bundled packages can then be packed in cartons or wrapped with film, according to the specific customer requirements, or directly stacked on pallets. All items can be stacked on returnable or disposable pallets, depending on your logistics and storage requirements.

Of course, we are also happy to fulfil special customer requests. We can use customer-provided packaging materials, if desired, which we stock and inventory as needed. Upon request, we can also take care of preparing and ordering the required materials. Our broad network ensures that all requirements are met quickly and at a high quality level. Thanks to the long-standing partnership with our local workshop for the disabled, even extensive manual activities can be performed reliably at low cost.

In all cases, we place particular emphasis on optimising the packaging as much as possible while meeting customer requirements, in order to keep the volume and thus transportation and storage costs to a minimum. We will be happy to provide further advice and support you with your specific Needs.

Are you interested in assembled  items? Then don't hesitate to send us your enquiry!