Green ceramic sponges

High-quality PUR foam materials such as our original hydro quality are indispensable for fast, clean dressing of green ceramic and porcelain.

In ceramics production, the forming process is followed by finish work in the form of deburring and dressing, specific to each material and product. While deburring typically requires abrasive materials, dressing is generally performed by machines with rotating dressing sponges or by hand with hand sponges.

The finish work has a crucial influence on the quality of the final product. Therefore, only high-quality, reticulated foam materials should be used for deburring and dressing green ceramic and porcelain. Reticulating refers to a physical process for increasing the open cellular structure and reinforcing cell walls. Reticulated foam materials are characterised by their particularly high absorption and retention capacity, as well as above-average durability and long usable life.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

Machine sponges made of hydro foam for ceramics and porcelain

Hydro sponges for machine dressing of ceramic products.

On account of their open cellular, flexible structure, high-quality PUR flexible foam materials are characterised not only by their high absorptive capacity, but also by the particularly gentle treatment of the products.

Precisely water jet-cut to various radii, cost-efficient even for small lots.

We support the development of special machine sponges and provide corresponding samples.

Sponge rollers made of hydro foam for the ceramics industry

Sponges made of reticulated hydro foam for machine processing of green ceramic and porcelain.

Reticulated foam materials are distinguished by a nearly 100% open cellular structure and therefore very high absorption and retention capacity. They also exhibit above-average durability and tear resistance.

The sponge rollers are specially matched to the shape of the products being processed and milled to very tight tolerances.

High-quality hydro foam and a special shape ensure rapid, clean, gentle Dressing.

Sponge belts made of PUR foam for ceramic products

Sponge belts or profile belts for machine processing of green ceramic and porcelain.

Sponge belts made of PUR flexible foam based on polyester, alternatively available based on polyether and as hydro foam. Ester foam materials exhibit a very regular cellular structure, thus ensuring particularly clean and uniform processing.

Precisely water jet-cut in various shapes and lengths.

Hydro sponges for manual processing of green ceramic

Hand sponges made of hydro foam for dressing ceramics and porcelain.

Depending on the ceramic being processed, various hydro types are used that differ in density, compression hardness, and cellular structure and size, thus ensuring optimal results.

Cut or milled to match the shape of the product to be processed.

A wide range of sizes and shapes is available upon request.