If different materials — such as two different colours of PUR foam, or PUR and PE foam — are to be bonded, they can be joined by adhesive bonding, i.e. glued together. Depending on the application, sheets can also have a self-adhesive or skin applied on one or both sides.

We use an adhesive bonding system from a well-known German manufacturer, which bonds the materials with an adhesive film. In comparison with flame bonding, adhesive bonding is more environmentally friendly and ensures better bonding of the coated materials. Unlike other conventional coating systems, our system is equipped with an infrared field that heats the adhesive film to as much as 250° Celsius, thus fully activating it. This allows the use of adhesives that cannot be used on other equipment, thereby enabling us to permanently and securely bond even unusual or challenging material combinations.

The material to be bonded can have a maximum width of 1,000 mm and is delivered both as sheets or rolls. Instead of bonding different materials, a self-adhesive can also be applied, for example to facilitate the installation of seals or parts for vibration and noise absorption in the automotive industry or mechanical engineering. Alternatively, an outer skin can also be applied. An open-cell foam material is thereby “closed off” with an adhesive film on one or both sides in order to prevent liquids such as splash water, oils, or greases from being absorbed.

The special technical advantages of our bonding equipment and our associated technical expertise are also available as a service. In addition to our own materials, we can bond customer-supplied materials on a contractual basis upon request.

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