Packaging and protection

Foam packaging combines optimal protection with attractive presentation.

Foam materials are distinguished by low weight, high shock and impact resistance, and pleasant appearance and feel. They are therefore becoming more and more popular in the packaging sector. Depending on the application and product, either PUR flexible foam materials or harder PE foam materials are used.

Detailed information and selected product examples are available for the following fields of application. The examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. Of course, not all of our products and services can be presented in this section. We are sure to find the right solution for your application as well. Put us to the test!


Presentation inserts ensure the attractive presentation of your products. Foam inserts provide protection while optimally showcasing the product. Either PUR or PE foam materials are used, enabling the perfect presentation insert to be developed and produced for every article in every package.


Transport and protective packaging is intended to protect sensitive items from damage during shipping and storage. Both PUR and PE foam materials offer excellent options in this respect, as their high resistance to shock and impact ensures the best possible protection for even the most sensitive items.

Sorting inserts and shadow boards ensure orderliness and a good overview for tool carts, drawers, cabinets, and workstations. Thanks to the variety of low-cost processing options, PE foam materials are the first choice for this application. The use of foam layers in different colours makes it easy to check for completeness at a glance.


We can only present a few applications of our products and services on our website. In the last 4 years alone, we have produced over 4,000 different products for a wide range of applications and fields, from single-unit production to large series. We are sure to find the right solution for your application as well. Put us to the test!