Contour cutting foam materials

The contour cutter is a TwinCut machine that can contour-cut foam materials using either a rotary or an oscillating blade. With the rotary blade, large volumes can be produced efficiently at a high speed (up to 40 m/min). The oscillating blade enables high-precision cutting of technical items with particularly narrow tolerances. Because the cutting blades can be rotated up to 360° in both directions, they can cut any three-dimensional contours when used in combination with the fully automated rotary table. A modern software solution guarantees maximum material efficiency.

All PUR, viscoelastic, and composite foam materials as well as latex and melamine resin can be processed by the contour cutting machine into an enormous variety of technical items for use in the packaging and automotive industries, for example. Entirely new shapes and contours are possible as a result. From pyramid sheets to round pieces: everything that was previously impossible or awkward to manufacture can now be produced with precision and efficiency.

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