Advertising and promotion

Unique promotional items made of foam can be designed for campaigns and events.

Promotional and advertising items are especially well received when they have some practical value. Sponges and other items made of foam are therefore ideal advertising materials, particularly for products and services related to cleaning and care. However, even for car care, household use, or recreation, unique promotional items can be designed with foam materials that will be remembered for a long time.

Detailed information and selected product examples are available for the following fields of application. The examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. Of course, not all of our products and services can be presented in this section. We are sure to find the right solution for your application as well. Put us to the test!


Individually designed and printed sponges made of PUR foam are ideal advertising materials. The wide range of available materials makes it possible to optimally match them to the product and campaign. They are flexible in design and can be printed in multiple colours, or customised with logos and labelling using a laser.


Theme sponges can be used, for instance, as seasonal items or accessories related to particular themes. PUR flexible foam materials are the first choice for theme sponges and gimmicks. On account of their special properties, they are versatile, durable, and very well suited for children as well.

Door protection strips are intended to protect car doors against accidental damage. Thanks to their versatile design options, they also lend themselves perfectly as unique promotional items. Closed-cell PE foam materials are flexible, robust, and durable, making them optimally suited for door protection strips.


Seat cushions are primarily used for recreation and hobbies, such as hiking, hunting, or fishing. PE foam materials are the optimal choice for seat cushions. Because of their closed cellular structure, they are distinguished by outstanding absorption and insulation, even at limited thickness.


We can only present a few applications of our products and services on our website. In the last 4 years alone, we have produced over 4,000 different products for a wide range of applications and fields, from single-unit production to large series. We are sure to find the right solution for your application as well. Put us to the test!