Sorting inserts and shadow boards

Sorting inserts and shadow boards ensure an optimal overview, contributing to the orderliness at the workstation.

Sorting inserts and shadow boards ensure orderliness and a good overview for tool carts, drawers, cabinets, and workstations or conveyor belts. They reduce search times and tool loss, contributing greatly to improved productivity and cost reduction.

Thanks to the variety of low-cost processing options, PE foam materials are the first choice for this application.  They offer a balanced mixture of strength and flexibility, combining a secure hold with good accessibility, pleasant feel, and high durability. The use of foam layers in different colours provides an even better overview and makes it easy to check for completeness at a glance.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!


Inserts made of PE foam for fan items

Toolbox insert for 1. FC Köln screwdriver.

Unsusceptible, physically cross-linked PE foam material with high-quality look and pleasant feel.

Laminated for added strength, with milled grip recesses to ensure easy accessibility. Logo of 1. FC Köln football club engraved with CO2 laser.

Company logos or labelling can also be laser-engraved. Alternatively, it is possible to print on inserts and shadow boards using various printing methods.

Sorting inserts made of PE foam for airbrush sets

Different colours of PE inserts for secure, clearly arranged storage of airbrush accessories.

PE foam material in various standard colours. All foam materials are available in a broad selection of attractive colours. Special colours are available upon request.

Designed and milled precisely to meet customer requirements.

We also make replacement inserts and economically replace worn or damaged inserts in existing cases or containers.

Shadow boards made of variously coloured PE foam materials

Two-colour shadow boards for toolboxes.

Laminated composite made of variously coloured PE foam materials. The two-colour design allows a quick visual check for completeness and meets the requirements of the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics, which stipulate that missing tools must be identifiable within three seconds.

Laminated for greater strength and milled to exact contours to meet the customer’s requirements.

Shadow boards and sorting inserts are available in any size, in all typical colours, and in any quantity—including single-unit production or small series.

Inserts made of PE foam for tool drawers

Customer-specific sorting inserts for existing tools.

Two-colour composite made of PE foam. The multi-coloured design provides a better overview and thus reduces searching costs and tool loss.

Developed and designed in close coordination with the customer, specifically for existing tools, and milled to precise dimensions.

Our mobile camera-aided data collection makes it possible to easily identify the local parameters and ensures short design times and low expenditures.

Sorting inserts made of PUR foam for toy figures

Inserts made of flexible foam for clearly arranged storage and secure transport of toy figures and accessories.

High-strength combination of top and bottom parts made of flexible, shock-resistant flexible foam.

Bottom part cut, top part die-cut or water jet-cut, depending on batch size and requirements. Top and bottom parts can be glued together either with self-adhesive or with a special adhesive film, which is activated by heat.

Thanks to the long-standing partnership with our local workshop for the disabled, even extensive manual activities can be performed reliably at low cost.