Medical and rehab technology

Foam materials are used in a variety of ways in medical and rehab technology.

On account of their open cellular structure, PUR flexible foam materials are primarily used in the application of liquids and pastes, but also as filter media or in wound and fracture care. On the other hand, harder foam materials such as PUR composite foams or PE foams are mainly used in rehab technology.

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In the medical technology sector, PUR flexible foam materials in particular have a wide variety of applications. Their open cellular structure ensures the controlled absorption and release of liquids, among other things. They are thus used, for example, to gently and economically apply liquids and pastes. But they are also utilised as filter media.

As a result of their wide range of different hardness levels at relatively low weight and their numerous processing options, foam materials are particularly well suited for the rehab technology sector.  While more rigid foam materials are mainly used for fixation, flexible foam materials are typically used for positioning.

Wound compresses and fillers made of foam absorb fluids very well and allow them to evaporate at a controlled rate thanks to their open cellular structure. As a result, a physiologically moist environment is retained. For fracture care, the excellent shock-absorbing properties of foam materials are especially useful for cushioning.


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