Promotional sponges

Individually designed and printed sponges made of PUR foam are ideal advertising materials.

Promotional items for campaigns and events should not only have a practical use. Ideally, they also relate to the advertised product or service. They should also be usable for a long period of time in order to have a sustained advertising effect.

Promotional sponges made of PUR flexible foam are excellent advertising media for products and services in the cleaning and care field. The wide range of available materials makes it possible to optimally match them to the product and campaign. They are extremely flexible in design and can be printed in multiple colours using various printing methods, or customised with logos and labelling using a laser.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

“Power Tab” made of PUR foam for sales campaign

Promotional sponge for manufacturer of dishwasher tabs.

Combination of white, polyester-based flexible foam material and blue scouring non-woven. Polyester foam materials are characterised by their uniform cellular structure, which ensures a clean printed image even for finely detailed logos or labelling.

Foam material and non-woven laminated together with a waterproof bond, cost-efficiently die-cut, and digitally printed in multiple colours.

In addition to digital printing, sponges can also be customised using letterpress and screen printing.

Promotional sponges for manufacturers of cleaning products

Frog sponge for sales campaign of a cleaning product manufacturer..

Non-woven sponge made of green PUR foam and green scouring non-woven. Depending on the application, scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness (scouring strength) are available. They are colour-coded—from white (light scouring) to blue and green (medium scouring) to black (heavy-duty scouring).

Laminated for greater strength, cost-efficiently die-cut to exact contours, and packaged in a retail-ready folded box.

We use only high-quality scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness.

Non-woven sponge pack “Blitz & Blank” with retro look

High-quality non-woven sponges for design and museum stores..

Combination of differently coloured flexible foam materials and scouring non-wovens.

Foam materials and non-wovens are laminated together with a waterproof bond, equipped with ergonomic handles and screen-printed with pictograms that ensure clear association with the particular application. Packaged in retail-ready sales packaging with retro look.

In collaboration with our long-term business partners, we can manufacture a wide variety of packaging for retail and sales.

Printed promotional sponges made of PUR foam

Sponges with promotional print for campaigns and events.

Different types of flexible foam, partly in combination with other foam materials such as prepolymers for windscreen cleaning or handles made of PE foam.

In some cases laminated for greater strength, cost-efficiently cut to size or die-cut, and customised with advertisements using various printing methods.

Digital, letterpress, or screen printing methods are suitable, depending on the application, quality standards, and cost requirements.

Promotional products with laser logo

Items for promotional purposes with laser-engraved lettering or logo

Both PE and PUR foams, as well as other materials such as cork, can be inscribed with a CO2 laser. In addition to lettering, a logo can also be laser engraved over the entire surface.

In contrast to the various printing methods, nothing is applied to the foam during the laser-engraving process; instead, the text or design is burnt into the foam. This prevents the motif from being rubbed off.

Laser engraving gives the product a stylish and highly durable advertising impact and is suitable for a wide variety of advertising and promotional purposes.