Transport and protective packaging

Inserts that absorb shock and impact, as well as packaging solutions made of foam, provide secure protection for your products.

Transport and protective packaging is intended to protect sensitive items from damage during shipping and storage. For high-quality products, in particular, they should also make a positive contribution to the product image and ensure attractive presentation.

Both PUR and PE foam materials offer excellent options in this regard. On account of the enormous range of different densities and levels of compression hardness, as well as the flexible processing possibilities, they can be adapted optimally to the size and weight of the product. Their pleasant optical appearance and feel help create a positive impression. And their high resistance to shock and impact ensures the best possible protection for even the most sensitive items.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

Shipping inserts made of PUR foam for cleaning products

Inserts for secure transport and presentation of chemical cleaning and care products.

Because of their open cellular structure, PUR flexible foam materials are characterised by high resistance to shock and impact. Therefore, even flexible and sensitive items are securely protected.

Die-cut to exact contours at low cost in larger series; alternatively water jet-cut for smaller series or special requirements.

All packaging foam materials are also available as particularly colour-intense foam materials.

Inserts made of PE foam for toolboxes

Toolbox inserts for ratchet cases.

The PE foam material excels due to its highly durable and unsusceptible surface finish. Its high strength ensures a secure hold of the products.

Water jet-cut outer contour; cut-outs CNC-milled at various depths.

PE foam materials are available in many different colours and strengths — including anti-static or electrically conductive Versions.

Case inserts made of PE foam for photo equipment

Inserts for secure transport of film and photo equipment.

Combination of a more rigid PE insert and a flexible PUR cover. The PE foam material insert secures the heavy, sensitive equipment, while the PUR convoluted foam cover adapts to the shape of the equipment and protects it against shocks and jolts.

Insert laminated to a height of 200 mm and then CNC-milled; cover cut to fit.

In collaboration with our business partners, we can deliver metal and plastic cases in any style and dimensions.

Inserts and covers made of PE or PUR foam

Case inserts and covers to protect polishing machines.

Combination of PE foam insert and PUR convoluted foam cover. The PE insert not only secures the tool, but also provides an attractive presentation owing to its visual appearance and feel.

Insert water jet-cut and then laminated to a height of 150 mm; cover cut to fit.

Convoluted foam materials are available with various convolution and stud heights, depending on requirements.