Application sponges and care sponges

Application sponges and other foam products are especially suitable to apply care products as well as for meticulous and gentle care.

Polishes, waxes, or other care products are frequently applied to clean or care for certain items. They range from leather furniture to wood floors to various household surfaces, but also include car care.

Besides cloths and other substrates, PUR flexible foam materials are well suited in this regard. Their open cellular structure ensures the absorption of a larger amount of such products and their controlled release. For leather care, for example, leather soap can be optimally applied and worked in with a fine-pored sponge. Other care products or shoe polishes can be used with applicator foam sponges.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!


Applicator sponges made of PUR foam for car care

Foam sponges for applying solid hard wax.

Combination of PUR and PE foam materials. The fine-pored, open-cell flexible foam material is used for gently and uniformly applying the wax, while the harder, closed-cell PE foam material acts as a handle.

Laminated together for greater strength and cost-efficiently die-cut. Alternatively available in other sizes or with recessed handles.

Company logos or labelling can be laser-engraved upon request. Alternatively, it is possible to customise sponges using various printing methods.

Universal sponges for applying car care products

Universally usable speciality sponges to apply and work with polish, wax, and other care products.

Combination of white handle side made of PE foam and yellow application side made of PUR flexible foam.

Precisely die-cut at low cost in larger series; alternatively water jet-cut for smaller series or special requirements.

Packaged in retail-ready sales packaging. In collaboration with our long-term business partners, we can manufacture a wide variety of packaging for retail and sales.

Hand-polishing sponges made of PUR foam

Polishing sponges with circumferential handle strip for car care and cleaning. The handle strip makes the sponges easy to hold and use.

Sponges made of fine-pored PUR foam based on polyester, polyether or prepolymer. Ester foam materials exhibit a very regular, fine cellular structure, thus ensuring absolutely uniform distribution of the polish.

Sponges are pre-cut and then milled all around.

A wide range of sizes and shapes is available upon request.

Care sponges made of flexible foam for leather care

Foam sponges for leather care and cleaning.

Various types of sponge foam materials with cellular structure that imitates natural sponges. They are therefore very absorptive and promote foaming, making them an excellent choice for applying and working in leather cleaning products such as leather soap.

Cost-efficiently and precisely cut to size, labelled with EAN code.

Thanks to the long-standing partnership with our local workshop for the disabled, even extensive manual activities can be performed reliably at low cost.