Rehab technology

In rehab technology, foam materials are particularly used as positioning and support aids.

Positioning and Support aids, which are indispensable in the care of sick, disabled, and elderly patients, as well as in therapeutic equipment. They provide comfortable positioning and fixation during therapeutic and diagnostic measures and help prevent bedsores.

As a result of their wide range of different hardness levels at relatively low weight and their numerous processing options, foam materials are particularly well suited as positioning and support aids.  They also offer excellent contact compatibility, good cleaning properties, and flexible coating options. While more rigid foam materials such as PUR composite foams or PE foams are used for fixation, flexible foam materials are typically used for positioning. Viscoelastic foam materials, often referred to as memory or relax foams, are particularly well suited. They are characterised by their outstanding pressure distribution and adaptation to the Body.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

Orthopedic wedge cushions made of PUR composite foam

Wedge cushions for lumbar support and improving sitting posture. The cushion helps to prevent tense back muscles and slipped discs.

Robust composite foam core with heavy-duty, washable textile cover.  Environmentally friendly, recycled composite foam features high strength and durability.

Cut to various sizes and angles to meet customer requirements and provided with a matching cover.

Lumbar spine cushions made of PUR flexible foam

Lumber cushions for back relieve and spine support. The curved shape most notably puts the highly stressed spinal disc region around the lumbar spine into a protective position.

Core made of durable PUR foam in various hardness levels, optionally made of viscoelastic foam. Different covers, from heavy-duty, washable textile to lambswool cover.

Cut to exact contours in various sizes and curvatures to meet requirements and provided with a matching cover.

For a save and quick attachment on almost every seat it could be equipped with an elastic band upon request.

Viscoelastic foam pads for bedsore prevention

Pads for commercially available mattresses to prevent bedsores in professional and private care.

Viscoelastic PUR flexible foam, also known as memory or relax foam. This foam material adapts perfectly to body contours at body temperature, thus reducing the pressure of the body’s weight and improving blood circulation.

Cut to individual sizes and thickness to meet customer requirements, optionally provided with an incontinence cover.

Soft positioning mattresses made of viscoelastic foam

Soft positioning mattresses to prevent bedsores and analgesic positioning in hospitals, rehab centres, residential and nursing homes, and household use.

Combination of cold foam and viscoelastic PUR flexible foam, adapting perfectly to the shape of the body. This increases the support surface for the body, and all parts of the body are supported by the entire material surface.

Cut to individual sizes, thicknesses, and combinations to meet customer requirements, optionally provided with a hygienic or conventional cover.

All mattress foam materials are tested and certified to the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 (product class 4).